Watkins Design Works is a commercial interior design, residential design, and green building consulting firm. The triple bottom line of sustainability is inherent in everything we do: environment-equity-economy, each considered in equal parts.

“The design of environments where humans and other organisms interact, where actions create reactions, where the future is built on an understanding and appreciation of the past, requires that good design and the environment be synonymous. Regardless of scale, the design of sustainable environments means facilitating human purposes in concert with natural processes.” 

(The Ecology and Culture of Water by J.M. Patchett and G.S. Wilhelm, 2008)

By embracing an integrative design process, where designers, architects, engineers and all stakeholders are involved in a design project early and often, we are able to connect the built environment with the natural environment, so that quality of life is improved for the users, and local habitat is regenerated.  Economic savings are realized through this early decision-making process, rather than diminishing value through traditional “value engineering” at the end of the design process.

We provide overall guidance, eco-charette facilitation and in-depth knowledge of the LEED Green Building Rating System for clients interested specifically in green building.  We also offer all facets of interior design services for architects and homeowners, as well as commercial, tenant, government, education, healthcare, hospitality, retail and military clients.  From programming through construction administration, from conceptual color palettes to custom millwork detailing, Watkins Design Works will be involved with you throughout the entire process, designing functional and beautiful interiors that support your needs, your brand and your vision.