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From designing the renovation of nearly 200,000 square feet of existing manufacturing buildings into Class A office space and amenities, to preparing small tenant fit plans, Jill Watkins, Owner of Watkins Design Works, has the experience to meet any corporate interior design need.  Office design, like anything else, has changed a lot over the past 20 years.  Technology changes the way people work and interact with each other; many offices are comprised of staff ranging from Baby Boomers to Gen X’ers to Millennials, all with different expectations and ways of working; and interior design many times becomes a marketing tool for companies trying to attract the highest quality talent.  This can include everything from staff amenities to materials, colors and furniture to office location.  One thing that has stayed constant, however, is that the interior design should reflect a company’s values, goals and brand.  Watkins Design Works has many means at our disposal to do this:

  • We have access to a wide variety of materials and specialty products, representing many different levels of appearance, durability and cost.
  • We have access to many commercial furniture manufacturers who are respected in the marketplace and provide excellent warranties and ROI. We also have good working relationships with local furniture vendors, while remaining independent of contractual agreements with manufacturers.
  • We excel at custom millwork design, lighting design and interior detailing that will set an interior apart and provide an extra level of functionality.
  • We are knowledgeable of the latest research on acoustics and open plan workstations, worker productivity, BOMA standards and furniture trends.

Lastly, we bring extensive knowledge of the USGBC’s LEED Green Building Rating System for companies interested in pursuing certification, whether for a tenant space, new building or major renovation.