“Domestic well being is a fundamental human need that is deeply rooted in us, and that must be satisfied.” Witold Rybezynski

Interior design of a home can encompass many different activities, from the design of an entire house to the purchase of a new sofa. Our approach does not reflect any definitive style or trend: design cues come from each individual homeowner, yet the values we bring to each project are the same:

  • High quality, long-lasting design
  • Details and solutions unique to each client
  • Interior finishes which promote health and good indoor air quality
  • Locally-made products and locally-sourced materials
  • Artwork and accessories that reflect our clients’ personalities
  • Create great views, both on the interior and to the outside
  • Energy and resource efficient
  • Celebrate the natural environment and have a sense of place

With her keen design skills, Jill developed ideas for our main bathroom and closet project, complete with three best-bang-for-your-buck drawings. These helped us form renovation plans that incorporated our needs with the budget in our quirky, older home.

Additionally, Jill selected paint colors for living spaces tailored by her unmatched eye for color, lighting, and respect for the home. She chose perfect, subtle shades that we still adore years later.

-Jane Cheatham

Our 25+ years of experience with sustainable building design also helps clients interested in anything from basic energy efficiency measures to off-grid living.